Exchange and refund conditions
In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" you can within 14 days of purchase, return the goods purchased in e-shop, if all the norms stipulated by the Law.
Terms of the exchange / return goods of good quality
Article 9 . According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights :
The consumer has the right to exchange food appropriate quality for the same vendor from whom it was purchased , if the goods are not satisfied with its shape , size, style, color , size or other reasons, they can not be used for other purposes. The consumer has the right to exchange goods of good quality within fourteen days , excluding the day of purchase.
Exchange of appropriate quality is made :
if save items presentation ;
if its not used;
consumer properties, seals, labels ;
settlement document issued to the consumer together with the goods sold .
Explanation :
Presentation : New product sold with factory protective films , this is one of the factors determining the presentation. Autopsy charge , headset, all wiring and battery shut -protected films. Buyer should be aware that these elements damaging the package is not recommended! As well there should be no scrapes and scratches on the product .
Unused : All electronics are supplied with the software by default. Check device was used or not - may or authorized service center manager to receive the goods. In the case of third-party programs, changes in the settings, you should use (files, photos, notes, videos ) - store may exercise the right to refuse a client as a violation of this paragraph .
Seals, labels and settlement documents: Just that paragraph relates to its presentation . If you have lost your return what that document information data or broken seals on the product - the situation will be similar . Settlement documents must provide the original receipt and the warranty card for a refund.
Accessories - return be unpacked accessories. If there are traces of opening accessory and secondary zapakovki attempts (especially PE packing or blister ) - return the goods impossible. When you can get them back? You can withdraw from the purchase, check it before sale.
Terms of the exchange / return of goods of poor quality
Article 8. According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights:
In case of detection for a specified warranty period disadvantages the consumer, in the manner and within the period specified by law, is entitled to :
proportional reduction of the price;
free elimination of defects in the goods within a reasonable time;
reimbursement for eliminating defects in the goods.
Customer requirements provided for in this Article shall not be satisfied if the seller, the producer ( business that meets customer requirements, established the first part of this article) prove that the defects of the goods due to any violation of the rules of the consumer to use the product or its storage. The consumer is entitled to participate in quality goods in person or through a representative.